Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Most Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins and WooCommerce Extensions and Themes only publicly available in a bundle of (an expensive) support license and the code itself. The costs of maintaining an advanced WordPress Blog or a WooCommerce Store easily add up to a couple of thousand USD per year! breaks up this expensive package providing its club members access to the code they need and removing the developer's support they are otherwise forced to pay for.

What WordPress items are available at WPTweb?

We offers the most popular Premium WordPress Themes, Premium WordPress Plugins, Premium WooCommerce Extensions and Premium WooCommerce Themes. We add new WordPress items constantly.

Who are the Developers of the WordPress items available at WPTweb?

Most of the Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins and WooCommerce Extensions & Themes available at WPTweb are developed by 3rd Party Developers. To learn about the specific developer of each item, please have a look at the item's listing in the repository.  Each item's entry has a link to the developer's website.

Are the plugins altered in any way?

Nope, all the plugins and themes are obtained securely by downloading directly from the original authors and we just redistribute it without any alterations.

How many sites can I use WordPress items downloaded?

All WordPress items available at can be used on as many websites as you wish - no matter if it is your website, your friend's website or a client's website.

How can I install the WordPress items downloaded?

All WordPress items downloaded from WPTweb need to be installed manually either via FTP Upload or through the WordPress Dashboard.

To get started, you may want to have a look at our WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners section.

How can I get updates for WordPress items downloaded?

Updates for WordPress items can be downloaded by WPTweb members as long as they have an active WPTweb membership.

Do you provide support for these items?

We can answer basic install questions. But generally can’t help further. We're only redistributing these tools. We’re charging you only for the task of keeping things up to date and working for you.

Need commercial support? Custom coding? Modifications to the code? Then consider buying every plugin directly from the original developer.

These pieces of software are developed by third parties and if you don’t know how to implement one plugin or your developer find in a situation where the author should be contacted, or if you installed the plugins in so many sites and those manual updates are too much work for you, then you need to purchase support service and updates from them. This will also show your appreciation for their work and help them financially to keep up working.

Can I use these themes and plugins with

Unfortunately does not allow the use of custom themes.

If you would like to use a custom theme of any kind, you will need to purchase your own hosting account and install the free software from

Why are these plugins asking for a license key?

Almost all premium plugins will prompt you to enter a license key. This entitle you to get automatic updates directly from their authors, but if you don’t enter a license key it won’t limit or reduce the plugin functionality, nor effect your website look and feel in any way.

We provide the direct download link to the plugin, and while your membership is active, you can download it and apply the upgrade manually by deactivating it first in your install, overwriting its files, and then activating it again. Very easy.

So, you can safely ignore those alerts.

Can you provide license keys?

You do not need any license keys to use them in as many of your projects.

Before you start asking: We cannot and won’t provide/lease/release/resell license keys. When an update is released, we will update the download links that you can access in My Account page.

Membership Questions

Why do I need to become a member to download WordPress items from WPtweb?

Becoming a member of WPTweb has various advantages: You get access to the specific WordPress items you need and can download any updates and additions that are covered by your membership.

How can I become a member?

It is very easy. Just sign up for free and we send you your membership credential right away.

Can I keep the Plugins I downloaded from WPTweb when I cancel my account?

Sure. You can keep any WordPress items you download from WPTweb forever, even if you decide to cancel your membership. Keep in mind though, that you have to maintain an active subscription to be able to download updates.

I became a member, how can I download WordPress items?

Just log in with your membership credentials and start downloading right away.

Can I download an older version of a certain WordPress item?

We only keep the latest version of each WordPress item available for download.

How can I download a WordPress Item that has been removed from the Catalog?

Rarely certain WordPress items might be removed from the WPTweb repository for various reasons. If this happens, we are most likely unable to provide you with the latest version. Therefore it is a good idea to download the WordPress items you need as long as they are available and keep a local copy for yourself.

I am looking for a WordPress Item which is not in the Catalog - can you provide it?

We’re constantly adding new products, but we are especially interested to learn which products can add even more value for our members. So please drop us a line on our contact page with your recommendation and we will see what we can do.

If I purchased the downloads but did not used it. Can I request a refund?

We won’t grant refunds due to the digital nature of the items being distributed.

This is to avoid abusers who register one time, download everything and request a refund. That’s just not fair.

What channels can I choose to get update notifications?

Subscribe to notifications (Two clicks on the bell to update discount, new courses, ... in the future)

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